About Me

Welsh Mum and Toddler

I’m Helen, mum to “Small Boy” and blogging because I like to write.


Mum to Small Boy… a two year old with lots of personality but a sensitive side

Mum to Bear … a four year old rescue cat with OCD and anxiety

Wife to David…. a designer and musician

Parenting and lifestyle blogger – keeps my my safe sane by sharing  my stories and tips with others

Fan of quick and easy meals, preferably that don’t involve much washing up

Working mum and juggler of roles

Also chief bottle washer, cook, nurse, travel planner, shopper and  furious scribbler of thoughts and “to-do” lists

Spends far too much time shopping on Amazon

Obsessed with getting a bargain and saving money

I am only interested in quick and easy meals and recipes

I watch far too much CBeebies, Netflix and the Food Network

I’ve written a few books. Some people have even bought them

I’m a PR and Communications pro by day. Don’t let that put you off

I like lists … and notebooks.