As you know we’ve been a fan of Tots Play from the day we signed up for the local Baby Development Course. We loved the local leader who was incredibly supportive and has nurtured a fantastic local Facebook group for local mothers who have met on her courses. We went from Baby Development classes, to Discovery Tots and then briefly Social Tots before my maternity leave ended. Now that I’ve returned to work it’s been difficult to commit to regular classes so we’ve been experimenting with a few organised activities in our local area, the new offering from Tots Play being the latest. Action Tots is designed for 2 – 4 year olds and aims to teach balance, coordination, gross and fine motor skills – all important for their development and overall fitness. It does this through through games, song, yoga, and equipment like balance bikes. The ultimate goal is to set your preschooler on the path of being able to ride a bike. This really appealed to me as not only have I been a fan of Tots Play for a while, I can’t ride a bike myself. An unfortunate accident resulting in a fracture and a nasty wound when I was ten put me off. I didn’t get back on a bike until I was in my mid twenties and I just couldn’t get the hang of it. It turns out it’s not “just like riding a bike” after all. We initially signed up for a trial of… View Post

I was warned about play groups when I was pregnant. You’re an older mum, like me, everyone will be younger. You’ll feel out of place. Even if they don’t make you feel like it, you’ll feel it anyway.  The problem with play groups and activities is they’re all at the wrong times. You won’t be able to keep it up once you go back to work. We didn’t have those in our day.The list could go on. Understandably I was bit reticent. I’m not sure I would have joined any groups or activities if I hadn’t bumped into a Tots Play leader at a breast feeding group (I was 8 months pregnant at the time so preparing). Ooh, she’s like me, I thought. I’ll give that a whirl, I thought. I’m a natural introvert believe it or not so I looked up the Newport class information. I signed up first of all for the Baby Development Course, which lasted for six weeks and covered brain development, sensory play, signing, massage and baby yoga. Every class was about 45 minutes with opportunity to speak to Kaye the course leader as well as chat to other parents. Honestly it was a delight! It might not seem like little baby is engaged but it laid such a good foundation for us socially and I met lots of new people. Our local leader, Kaye, also runs a Facebook group for parents to mix and chat in – it’s a great resource for sharing ideas on… View Post