If you’ve read my “About Me” or any of my posts, you’ll probably have caught on that I like a list, and enjoy saving time and money. I digest Martin Lewis and his MoneySaving Expert mailer each week like they’re about to bring in information rationing, and I’m furiously scribbling down recipes when I watch Eat Well for Less. For me, everything is a juggle – I work full time, blog, write fiction (occasionally), have two year old which is another full time job in itself, pets, a house, a husband. The list really could go on. Somehow I have about thirty seven hours of activity to fit in to a twenty four hour day. No, I’m not joking, I told you I like lists I’ve worked it out. Basically, I’m time poor. I’m juggling and prioritising like some sort of domestic ninja. And it’s not just time. It’s money too. I know that we are better off than a lot of people but childcare costs are a b*tch when you’re an older parent as your parents and other family members are pretty over the hill too and beyond an hour here or there aren’t in a position to have an enthusiastic two year old all day. Or they’re working of course, because everyone is working for longer. Throw in a few trips and flights to see family further afield, then cash drains away like water out of a leaky budget. I was also raise that debt is bad and you live… View Post