I have a reasonably good grasp of my personal and household expenses but like everyone there are times that I need to cut bills and save money. This may be because of a change in circumstances (e.g. Rise in nursery fees), or because it’s good practice to stop occasionally and see if you’re getting value for money. So what can you do if you feel that your household bills and expensive are increasing, you want to save for something special but don’t have any disposable income to put away, or you just want to create a bit more wiggle room in your bank account? Downgrade your television and streaming packages Check your satellite and cable packages and see if they are value for money. When Small Boy was born I was surprised how little time and mental capacity I had to watch a film. When I looked at the Planner of recorded shows, there were very few films and most of the television programmes were available on Freeview anyway. It made no sense to pay thirty quid a month for channels I wasn’t watching. It’s worth shopping about here if you’re out of your contract with your provider as you can make an instant saving by terminating. Alternatively, if you’ve been a long standing customer they might offer you a better deal to stay, but don’t get stuck in another contract if you’re not really watching the paid for channels. We use our main TV aerial now and a mix… View Post