Several people have asked me for advice about writing a caesarean  birth plan recently. For various reasons they have been planned, like mine, or they wanted to be prepared in the event it should happen. Small Boy was breech and despite all my wants and preparation for a natural birth, albeit in the consultant led ward of the hospital, that wasn’t to be. Two weeks before my due date I was told that I’d be scheduled for a delivery within the week. Although my plans were dashed, this did mean I had the opportunity to do a bit of planning. I’m not a medical professional, and I’m not going to attempt to give any medical advice here, but I can share with you what was on my “birth plan”. I use the term loosely as it was basically a list of questions that I felt I should ask and some statements about what I wanted in the hope I could make it as “natural” and gentle an experience as possible. Hopefully, this might help you if you find yourself in a similar situation. Understand what is going to happen medically Will I have a spinal block or general anaesthetic? Will there be a scan beforehand? What happens if baby moves – will the section go ahead? What can I eat and drink before and when is my last meal? Will I feel anything? Who will be performing the procedure? Will my midwife be there? Will I be allowed to go… View Post