Black Friday is here and for the next few days and into next week many retailers are offering huge discounts on items.  As a busy working mum with a toddler being a savvy shopping is essential.  Having a child means you always seem to be buying something or other and having a  baby or toddler generally means some sort of childcare too. I’ve rounded up some of the best deals and offers for you, including discount codes with some of my partners and brands I like. Remember though that it’s only a bargain if its something you already need. Amazon has new deals and lightening deals all day, with some items 50% off. There are loads of daily deals on high ticket items, big named products and gifts for Christmas. Many fashion items have 20% off. Get 3 months of Amazon music streaming for 0.99p . I’ve just set this up on my iPhone and personally I find it easier to navigate that Apple Music and it’s considerably cheaper.  Why not sign up for 3 months and “test drive” it. It’s cheaper than buying a CD. John Lewis has some good deals and price matching, but there’ll also be some deals in your local store.  Remember the terms of price matching though if you want to ask them to match an item you’ve found somewhere cheaper elsewhere yourself.  Even if JL is a few quid more expensive on some items it can be worth it as they offer an extended warranty… View Post