Now is as good a time as any to try and trim your food bill. You might have to due to rising costs or perhaps you’re saving for a holiday or special event and need to shave off some of your unnecessarily expenses. Food is definitely a necessary expense but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look to make your “food dollar” go farther. You can of course try and make the most out of coupons and special offers but let’s be honest here in the UK we haven’t really got a handle on that like our US cousins, plus your average supermarket will only let you use a limited number of coupons so no getting £100 of shopping here for a fiver. But there are small ways where you can change your shopping habits and save pennies, and if you’re a childcare bill like we have then every penny counts! 1. Eat out of your cupboards for a week..,. Take stock of what you have and plan all your meals for the next week. Odds on you have already have what you need to cover most meals, you might just need to do a top up shop for fresh milk and bread. 2. Always shop with a list… Don’t go food shopping without one… EVER! 3. Plan your meals in advance… If you’re stuck for a time and have to think about what to get it will be far too easy to dip into your pocket for a takeaway… View Post

If you’ve read my “About Me” or any of my posts, you’ll probably have caught on that I like a list, and enjoy saving time and money. I digest Martin Lewis and his MoneySaving Expert mailer each week like they’re about to bring in information rationing, and I’m furiously scribbling down recipes when I watch Eat Well for Less. For me, everything is a juggle – I work full time, blog, write fiction (occasionally), have two year old which is another full time job in itself, pets, a house, a husband. The list really could go on. Somehow I have about thirty seven hours of activity to fit in to a twenty four hour day. No, I’m not joking, I told you I like lists I’ve worked it out. Basically, I’m time poor. I’m juggling and prioritising like some sort of domestic ninja. And it’s not just time. It’s money too. I know that we are better off than a lot of people but childcare costs are a b*tch when you’re an older parent as your parents and other family members are pretty over the hill too and beyond an hour here or there aren’t in a position to have an enthusiastic two year old all day. Or they’re working of course, because everyone is working for longer. Throw in a few trips and flights to see family further afield, then cash drains away like water out of a leaky budget. I was also raise that debt is bad and you live… View Post