1.       You will hug Justin Fletcher / Mr Tumble if you ever see him on the street. Thanks to him you learned it was okay to let your tot sit in front of the TV for 20 minutes while you sat down/went to the toilet/put the washing on.   2.       You’ve tried to brush your tot’s teeth in time with the Tombliboos on In the Night Garden in an attempt to make it easier/ more fun.   3.       You sing “Who’s at the door?” every time the bell rings.   4.       There will be at least one Cbeebies character that you develop an irrational  hatred of.   5.       You can’t sing “Ruby, Ruby, Ruby” by The Kaiser Chiefs without singing “Duggee, Duggee, Duggee.”   6.       You like RastaMouse but can’t quite figure out whether it’s racist to sing like him. You settle for sounding decidedly white and middle class instead. 7.       You’re waiting for their to be a same sex family on “My Family”.   8.       You know if you’re running late for anything based on what is on CBeebies.   9.       You occasionally find yourself still watching CBeebies when little one is down for their nap.   10.   You keep tagging @CBeebiesHQ in tweets in the hope they’ll offer you a spot presenting.   Or is it just me?