I am sitting on a sofa across from one of my best friends. We are very similar in many ways, although very different in others, but our core values are broadly similar. We get each other in a way that many people don’t. She lives at the other end of the… View Post

My mummy friends and I used to meet in coffee shops when our babies were born.¬†We would meet come rain or shine and huddle in corners catching up on our latest developments, sharing tips or war stories, keeping ourselves sane with humour and caffeine. In hindsight, the toughest thing about… View Post

We used to huddle in coffee shops, my new mum friends and I, corralled in by pushchairs, sipping coffee in a quiet corner, occasionally whipping out a boob or a bottle to feed our babies.We would share sympathetic looks over a latte when a little one cried or one of… View Post