It would be easy to miss the joy in this week. It had a bad start with me getting the norovirus ( or a variant off) and spending a lot of Monday vomiting. It got worse with an incident in nursery resulting in Small Boy coming home with two large bruises on his head. Five months ago, he began banging his head whenever he felt frustrated. It didn’t last more than a month or so at home, and never had more than a small mark, which was stressful enough, but it has continued in nursery. It’s not all the time but has escalated. There’s been a lot of tears and feeling emotional. It’s been quite the roller-coaster.   That said, there’s always joy to be had. Even in what’s been an emotional week there is cause to celebrate.   Great(ish)parenting A friend pointed out to me that we’ve done some… View Post

It really feels like I should have started some sort of regular  weekly wins/ gratitude post at the beginning of the year, but in all honesty the first few weeks have been a blur or new routines and getting organised with a new work pattern. I’m finally in a position where I can stop and smell the metaphorical roses. 2017 was a crazy busy year with some real low points for us a family. We attempted to sell our house for the second time since Small Boy was born. This time we had no issues selling it but had two buyers drop out and lost two houses, the last time days before we expected to complete. Small Boy had illness after illness for a two month run. His sleep routine went out of the window and hasn’t returned. We had to take stock. We decided to put off moving for… View Post