I am not a rampant Googler of health information. I do not look at blogs and websites and try and self diagnose myself or my family.  I trust professionals and official sources on the whole. That doesn’t mean I don’t question them, but let’s be honest if you Google half a dozen symptoms you’ll find half the time you have a tropical disease – you don’t, you have a cold. I  believe in the brilliance of the NHS Direct website and an occasional trip to the doctor if I’m very concerned. That’s not to say that there isn’t something to be gained from chatting things through with other people, friends with kids the same age or your nursery assistant – after all, they are with other kids all the time and seen more childhood illnesses than you’ve had got dinners – but I am mindful that often the stuff you’ll find on the internet can get you into a panic. Now, a vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend and I’m aware of the irony of this. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, but listen to me! Actually, I don’t mean that, you shouldn’t listen to me. What I’m going to say instead, is listen to your gut – LISTEN TO YOU! Our Small Boy is fiercely independent and always on the go. So if he is feeling a bit low, or always wants to be cuddled, I know something is definitely wrong. Something beyond a common cold. In the past month… View Post