I’m delighted to have been nominated for another Leibster Award – this is the second for Welsh Mum Writing  since I launched my blog a few months ago so I’m absolutely delighted that people are getting to know my name. I could just go “poo, poo, I’ve already participated” but in the interests of paying it forward to some other bloggers who might need a boost, I’m going to do this one again. This time, there’ll be new questions and new invitees. The Leibster is an opportunity to discover new bloggers by nominating them to answer some questions about themselves. They post the answers on their blog and in turn nominate another 5 or more.  My nomination was from the Woman in Progress blog so you can check out their blog for more information about them. So here’s their questions to me : What is your favourite song? I have loads so it’s difficult to choose, but I suppose there’s ones I always come back to. I love Creedance Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising and Depeche Mode’s Sound of Silence. I might have to throw in You Belong to Me by Patsy Cline into the mix as that’s my son’s favourite song to sing him to sleep. What is your most proud moment? Keeping my cool through my C-Section. The nurses told me I was a rock star in theatre and kept the trainee midwife calm as she was a bit nervous. Also they had issues getting the spinal block in… View Post

I haven’t been blogging in the world of family and personal life for long, so I was extremely flattered to be nominated for the Leibster Award by Baby and the Boardroom . It’s a fantastic opportunity to share a blog that you like and ask the blogger to share a little about themselves. Once you’ve answered your questions you nominate 11 blogs yourself and set those 11 new questions – and it goes on. So here are the questions that Lou at Baby and the Boardroom asked me. It’s taken me a few days as they’re head scratchers. If you could re-live just one day of your life, which day would you choose and why? The birth of my son. Nothing could prepare me for that experience and the sheer joy it brought me. The next few days in hospital were a different experience but I will never forget that day. Small Boy has changed my life.   Photo by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash   Who would you share your last Rolo with? My husband. He is usually the one who buys me chocolate, cakes and treats so it’s only fair. What is your biggest ambition in life? To be able to retire from the day job when I’m sixty. That probably doesn’t sound that ambitious but with us all living longer and the cost of living, I think it will be quite an achievement! I want to substantially reduce my hours before then though and develop my writing and blogging business. What… View Post