Ever wonder why I blog? I talk about this and more today over with The Lupie Mummy on her blog. Go check it out and have a rummage around her site while you’re there. Having chronic illness in my family, I find her work about living with Lupus fascinating and it also gives me an insight into how those close to me must feel – a welcome and sometimes needed reminder. http://thelupiemummy.com/qas/blog-brew-biscuits/#comment-54

It’s been a busy few weeks with guest spots on various parenting blogs. Yesterday I was over at Stretchy Mummy talking about how I’m stretched thin but still love to write. Check out my interview here https://stretchymummy.com/welshmumwriting/

It has been a busy week with me featuring on three other parenting blogs. Check out these interviews where I talk about what life is really like as a working mum and the challenges of finding a flexible working pattern that makes it possible. https://www.janineslittleworld.com/day-parenting-bloggers-life-welsh-mum-writing/ https://digitalmotherhood.com/2017/11/29/interview-with-a-working-mum-helen-at-welsh-mum-writing-talks-flexible-working/ https://squirmypopple.com/parenting-2/flexi-mamas/flexi-mamas-helen-from-welsh-mum-writing/ If youare interested in working with me, please get in touch.