So your friend, work pal, daughter in law or other relative or friend has had a baby. You’re sitting on your hands trying to not over indulge in an online shopping spree which will at best result in yet another cuddly toy for baby and if thoughts of mum are anywhere in the mix you might sling in a toiletry gift bag for her. She’s an afterthought of course. After all, she just wants you get something for the baby right. It’s all about that little pink bundle of joy isn’t it? Yep, she probably just wants some more toys and yet another play rug and another bit of tat baby pink or blue or whatever – WRONG! Okay, I might be channelling some of my own experience here as I didn’t get a single gift for birthing my child. Nothing. To be fair to her my mother in law did come and do my ironing and several people bought me cakes, but I didn’t get a single present that was designed to say “you deserve this” or “here, I bought this as I thought it might help.” Not that I wanted recognition but I did wonder how useful endless teddy bears for little ones were compared to the “these saved my life” items – items which I was share with friends who had babies after me. We’ve all got them, those purchases which made the endless sleepless nights easier. The truth is I wouldn’t have wanted fluffy slippers or… View Post