“I don’t want to share all our baby photos on Facebook. I don’t want to be that person who floods my whole timeline with pictures for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see or share as they see fit.”  This is how the conversation started, the one where Small Boy’s Dad and I had to decide where we would post and how we would share photos of our son when he arrived a few weeks later. We had a similar discussion eight months earlier when we agreed that we weren’t going to post photos of the scan. I rarely post a photo of Small Boy on my Twitter feed or blog and even if I do his face is generally obscured, and I’ve always been quite robust with my privacy settings on Facebook. Facebook is primarily the domain of my husband’s family, close friends and a few work colleagues. Nevertheless I did have a genuine concern that we wouldn’t know exactly who would see photos if friends liked them, or decided to comment. With every new Facebook update it gets more complicated and if it weren’t for managing a number of Facebook pages as admin, I would probably come off the damn thing altogether. I didn’t want to control privacy settings for each individual post. Instagram didn’t feel like an option either. It would involve too much work persuading people to join and then there were all the “political” issues about accepting some followers and not others. That felt like… View Post