I cook a lot of lamb dishes and although a shoulder of lamb is expensive you can feed a good number of people from one. This is one of my favourite lamb dishes – Moroccan style. It will serve 4 adults with generous servings.┬áThis dish takes about 5 minutes to… View Post

Are you trying to feed a family on a budget? Do you resent having to throw out scrappy bits of food that you can’t do anything with? I can answer yes to both of those questions. There’s nothing like a young family to suck up your finances and suddenly dialling… View Post

Ingredients 5 eggs 3 tbsp is milk 1 tbsp dried herbs or fresh parsley 125g grated cheddar Cup of baby spinach leaves 1/2 a pepper, diced into small pieces (or use half peppers and half courgette) A couple of slices or a handful of shredded ham can also be added,… View Post

I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of cooking lamb. Depending on the cut it can work out relatively inexpensive per serving. It’s also a great meat for when you don’t want to do much preparation and you want something you can throw in a pot and let cook without much input… View Post