I’m always looking for new ways to save money and be more efficient at home finances. As a busy working mum this is particularly important as I simply don’t have the time or energy to be worrying about money all the time. Being organised and saving regularly is key for me, and even though we don’t have much left at the end of the month it does mean we have some wiggle room in our budget and we are able to meet all our obligations without too many worries. But is there anything else I can be doing? What else can we do to help ensure we put a little something aside for those rainy days? I asked some of my favourite parenting, lifestyle and money saving bloggers for their advice and here’s what I got. 15 Ways to Boost Your Savings Save a little often Every couple of days, I’m going to log on to online banking and round my balance DOWN to the pound (or £5 if I’m a bit flush – unlikely!) and put the extra into my savings account. So – if I have £25.71 in my bank, I would transfer 71p to the savings account. No idea if that makes sense! coffeecakekids.com We have a £2 jar – every £2 that comes into the house gets popped in – it may not sound much but it soon adds up and once you have a few in there it drives you on to fill it up.… View Post