Are you trying to feed a family on a budget? Do you resent having to throw out scrappy bits of food that you can’t do anything with? I can answer yes to both of those questions. There’s nothing like a young family to suck up your finances and suddenly dialling out for a pizza isn’t an option – you need to ensure you get value from money and good old fashioned nutrition from your food choices. Living on your own and cooking for one can be just as challenging for a whole heap of reasons. Recipes are always for four or six so it’s easy to end up with waste, and we throw out too much food in this country as it is. So what can you do to make the food in your cupboard and fridge last longer. How can you make the most of what you’re buying and make the leftovers something you’ll want to use again? Here’s some of my tips!   Zip  lock bags– These are brilliant because they keep scraps fresher for longer but also take up less room in your freezer than storing portions in Tupperware or boxes. Pour in leftover sauces, soups and chilli and flatten them with your hands. Lay them flat in your freezer drawer and you’ll be amazed at how many you can stack up. Buy in bulk  – As with most things, it’s cheaper to buy meat and poultry in trays or larger packs and split them up.  I do… View Post

I have a reasonably good grasp of my personal and household expenses but like everyone there are times that I need to cut bills and save money. This may be because of a change in circumstances (e.g. Rise in nursery fees), or because it’s good practice to stop occasionally and see if you’re getting value for money. So what can you do if you feel that your household bills and expensive are increasing, you want to save for something special but don’t have any disposable income to put away, or you just want to create a bit more wiggle room in your bank account? Downgrade your television and streaming packages Check your satellite and cable packages and see if they are value for money. When Small Boy was born I was surprised how little time and mental capacity I had to watch a film. When I looked at the Planner of recorded shows, there were very few films and most of the television programmes were available on Freeview anyway. It made no sense to pay thirty quid a month for channels I wasn’t watching. It’s worth shopping about here if you’re out of your contract with your provider as you can make an instant saving by terminating. Alternatively, if you’ve been a long standing customer they might offer you a better deal to stay, but don’t get stuck in another contract if you’re not really watching the paid for channels. We use our main TV aerial now and a mix… View Post

If you’ve read my “About Me” or any of my posts, you’ll probably have caught on that I like a list, and enjoy saving time and money. I digest Martin Lewis and his MoneySaving Expert mailer each week like they’re about to bring in information rationing, and I’m furiously scribbling down recipes when I watch Eat Well for Less. For me, everything is a juggle – I work full time, blog, write fiction (occasionally), have two year old which is another full time job in itself, pets, a house, a husband. The list really could go on. Somehow I have about thirty seven hours of activity to fit in to a twenty four hour day. No, I’m not joking, I told you I like lists I’ve worked it out. Basically, I’m time poor. I’m juggling and prioritising like some sort of domestic ninja. And it’s not just time. It’s money too. I know that we are better off than a lot of people but childcare costs are a b*tch when you’re an older parent as your parents and other family members are pretty over the hill too and beyond an hour here or there aren’t in a position to have an enthusiastic two year old all day. Or they’re working of course, because everyone is working for longer. Throw in a few trips and flights to see family further afield, then cash drains away like water out of a leaky budget. I was also raise that debt is bad and you live… View Post