I can’t lie. I love a bargain. I always have. The rush from grabbing a good deal has always been with me. Hell, it’s not just mums who like a bargain. I want to know that I’m getting value for money and that I’m not being conned. Simple as!  It’s even more important for me as I HATE shopping – at least for some things. I want to go into a shop and get what I want and get out. So how do I make sure that I’m not spending money necessarily? Okay, well they key is to ensure that you really want “the thing” to start with and that you can afford it.  If you’ve answered yes to both the questions, you need to open up your laptop, tablet or phone and start comparing prices. Now, if you’re not a seasoned bargain hunter the thought of trawling the internet to get the best deal might seem a bit daunting, so I’m going to share with you a few quick tricks that will help you out. It’s all online so you’re not going to have to drag a toddler around umpteen shops in the rain which I’m sure we can all agree is a good thing.   Topcashback Seriously, you must join a cashback site. Topcashback is where I do all my online shopping. It hosts links to all the major retailers and service providors, lists offer codes and gives you cashback on purchase.   Flubit This is a great little app,… View Post

Within 6 months of going out with your baby/ tot, you will have identified at least two preferred baby changing facilities. Your entire outing and meal options will be based around these. You will put of potty training because you’ve just got used to going out without having to take multiple changes of clothes for your tot. You’ve got the exploding bottom stage over with now. All outputs are contained in the nappy. Let’s just enjoy that for a bit longer You’ve eaten the kid’s finger sandwiches out of the John Lewis café because apparently you’re not allowed to eat the chocolate orange sponge cake but your toddler can (Toast rule also applies to cake… and cocktail sausages) You can’t face going to the supermarket one more time (ie. Pushing buggy whilst carrying child and basket) so you bulk buy things you don’t need to get to the minimum spend for a supermarket delivery. You will never, ever be able to go jeans shopping with your child. Trying on clothes is no longer an option. Order everything online and send it back, or get a sitter. You will stop for a coffee at times solely determined by your child napping in their buggy. If you are with your partner, you now refer to trips to Costas as “city breaks.” Your jackets will now all be showerproof and have hoods. Holding an umbrella while pushing a buggy is not an option. You spend a lot of time picking things up and… View Post