There’s a few more than 5 items every household needs, but I thought I’d share some of the ones I really class as essential. I’m all about making life easier for myself. Sometimes that means planning in advance (See number 5), but sometimes it’s just about have equipment or items in my home which takes away some of the burden. 1. The Karcher Window Cleaner Karcher are one of my favourite brands and for good reason, but even I was resistant about buying this. How lazy! NO!!! It’s amazing. This is one of the few small household appliances that I can’t imagine being without. It really does clean your windows without leaving a single streak. It’s cheaper than getting a window cleaner in. Not only that, it cleans mirrors and shower doors. No more buckets, cloths, streaks, white wine vinegar and newspapers. No need for waiting for the sun to go in either. This is a blessing if you have toddlers in the house. You can just whip out the Karcher and get rid of sticky handprints in a less than a minute. 2. The Karcher Steam Cleaner Another amazing Karcher product. We bought one of these steam cleaners three years ago and haven’t looked back. It’s been invaluable since we had Small Boy too. Unlike many steam mops, this is powerful and doesn’t leak. It also has a range of attachments so you can use it in lots of ways. We use it for the oven, floors, carpets, tiles,… View Post