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I’m Helen and Welsh Mum Writing is written for mothers like me –  a busy mum to a toddler juggling a day job, family and more. If you’re a mum trying to have it all then this is the place for you.  I share my experiences and the lessons I am learning so you can achieve a better work-life balance too.  Check out my about me page to find out more about why I started Welsh Mum Writing and how to join my amazing community of working mums.





Use the menu to work your way through different aspects of my world where I share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way, both professionally and as a parent.  I’ve even carved out a little part of the site just for mums in Wales.


Mum Life:  From pregnancy to parenting, sleep deprivation to potty training.


Work Life: Getting the balance right, work issues, rights, advice and career development.


Fun Life:  All things nice, from pampering to family days out.


Welsh Life: A corner just for mums in Wales, from the childcare offer to local giveaways.


Writing Life: Blogging life, my books and creative writing. 


Other Bits: Random musings, moans and topical issues.


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