10 Things About Feeding a Young Toddler

10 Things About Feeding a Young Toddler

1.       You will never get to finish your toast. A sticky hand will grab it from you as soon as you avert your gaze to look for the TV remote

2.       Your child will fill you with hope when they eat one of your lovingly made Annabel Karmel meals. They will never eat it again

3.       Trying everything on your child’s plate whilst going “yum” will not incentivise them to eat in any way

4.       Plastic cutlery and plates from Ikea will become the new tea lights – you will buy something from the range on every visit (I’m also slightly obsessed with buying all types of beakers and cups available)

5.       You are likely to swap your all whistles and bells, spanky, gadgety high chair for an Ikea one at some point

6.       You’ll eventually give up on using a splash mat/ messy mat for under the high chair, and buy industrial sized rolls of paper towel instead

7.       You will worry that you are either feeding your child too much or too little

8.       You will begin feeding your child only home made, organic food

9.       You’ll eventually swap to home made, non organic food

10.   Fish fingers tonight?

It’s not always as easy as finding  great weaning recipes and cookbooks .

Or is it just me?


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