Self care is about looking after yourself mentally and physically, but it’s not always easy as a mum. Children, work, partners and chores all take precedent sometimes. Self care is essential though if you are to cope with the stresses of being a parent, and have the mental and physical energy to be the mum you want to be.


So how can you fit in a little self-care every day?


Indulge in the shower


Having a long soak in the bath is a rarity, but do enjoy the time you have in the shower. Treat yourself with your favourite body wash or hair conditioner to help you feel at least a little pampered. I love coconut based products as they remind me of sun tan lotion and holidays. For the five minutes I’m in the shower each morning I am transported to a beach, with a book in my hand and the sun on my face. If nothing else, celebrate a few minutes on your own as you, and not as mum.


Drink your favourite beverage


Whether it is the first cup of the day before your children wake, or the last drink of the night once they are in bed, go to town with your favourite drink. For me, it’s tea. I like to have at least one fancy cup a day. If I’m lucky, I might even use leaf tea and a pot. For many people I know, it’s a glass of wine, or a small beer. The point is that make it something you actually enjoy and savour, rather than quickly sink, or drink on the go.


Watch your favourite show


Watching television gets a bad press in many ways. We often set the expectation that we should be out doing stuff or spending a lot of money to have fun. Neither is true. Once the kids are in bed, why not settle down for 30 minutes of your favourite boxset.  It’s true that there are always going to be chores that need doing, but if you don’t prioritise some time to yourself, you’ll never actually get any.


Declutter your bedroom


It’s much easier to sleep and a relax in a room that is uncluttered and clean. The fewer stimulations the better. That includes staring at the ironing that’s piling up or the cobweb in the corner. You are a busy mum. You deserve a sanctuary to relax that’s just for you. Find some time to blitz clean, put everything away and throw out what you haven’t used in the past 12 months. You deserve to have a room that feels like a sanctuary. Now every time you sink into your bed, you can look about and sigh, “ aah, I deserve this.”




Exercise is an important part of staying healthy but it can be difficult to find time when you are juggling work and a family. Your schedule is already on a knife edge as you career from one appointment to another.  Let’s be honest, you can aspire to go to the gym but for many of use it’s not practical. If you’ve a young baby, get out for a long walk with them in the pram. If you’ve an older child, try and walk to the shop rather than drive, or get out for a walk during your lunch break. Being in nature and the fresh air has been proven to improve your mood too!


What are you daily self-care habits? How do you carve out a little time each day for yourself? Pop your tips and tricks in the comments so we can all benefit from some inspiration.






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