5 easy ways to keep your tyres and car safe this summer

5 easy ways to keep your tyres and car safe this summer

Summer is the season that many of us get in the car and get out for the day, but have you ever noticed the summer can wreak havoc on your car? I went out to mine on the weekend and it was covered in sap from where I parked under some trees.  It got me thinking about looking after my car and how I am particularly bad it, particularly because I don’t do much mileage. I half hope the car cleaning fairy will come and clean it, and that most things will be picked up in a regular service. I’ve had my car seven months and not checked the tyres once… eek!

Tyres are just one thing it’s easy to overlook but which is really important, even in the summer. I’ve decided I need to do better at it as we will be going out a lot more this year as I’m back working part time.   The summer is a particularly tough time on tyres as a lack of rain means there can be more debris on the road.  The road surface can get pretty hot too during the day. This means that the tarmac get sticky from bitumen which seeps out.  This can all effect handling. Let’s face it though, we generally think about bad weather when it comes to tyres, not the sunshine!

So what should you look for to make sure your tyres are in tip top shape for your family days out? I asked Point S tyres for some tips

Look for scratch marks

If you look at your tyres from the side, then you may notice radial scratch marks that make it look as though someone has lightly gouged your tyre’s sidewall with a penknife. Direct sunlight, can make rubber compounds deteriorate over time. You must exchange tyres with these signs before they blow out. Let’s face it nobody wants that hassle!

Be careful off road and in the countryside

Few of us consider going completely off road, but many of us use tracks and lower grade roads that we wouldn’t normally drive on. Think of those visits out to the countryside! Drive with greater care and slow down. Sharp stones, flint and even things like screws are more likely to be driven over.

Check your tyre pressure

Not many drivers take on a road trip in winter, so summer is the likeliest time to put your tyres under the greater strain of extra long journeys. Always check your tyre pressure before embarking on a long trip to the other side of the country or to the continent, for example. You should do this every few thousand miles to keep them in optimal condition on the road.

Check your tyre depth

Another good care tip is to check each of the tyres tread depths with a gauge. There are some inexpensive gadgets you can use at home that will tell you ahead of time when a tyre may need to be replaced. After all, it is better to act and exchange your tyres before you reach the legal minimum tread depth. No one wants to have to replace their tyres when they are on holiday, so make sure your tyres have sufficient depth in their tread to last for the entire course of your planned road trip.

Ask the experts if you’re unsure

These days there are all sorts of ways and places to buy tyres, so if you are in any doubt get them checked out at a garage. If you need new tyres, don’t be afraid to shop around. You can even buy your tyres online these days   with companies like Point S. They have a network of local branches too if you prefer to pop in.

Now I need to go and check our tyres and make sure we’re safe for the summer. Happy motoring!

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