A lovely day out in Cardiff Bay

A lovely day out in Cardiff Bay

The past week has been the perfect weather for exploring. We spent the bank holiday exploring Cardiff Bay among other things. Although Small Boy is only two, we’ve only been to Cardiff Bay a few times. This recent trip was an excuse to visit Wetherspoons which Small Boy loves. He’s not doing well with eating formal meals since he had chicken pox. If we do find somewhere he eats happily, I have no issue in making a day out of it. At the moment, eating out is a luxury which we can afford, as otherwise it’s him living off bananas and rice cakes. There’s another blog post in there somewhere.

We set off for Cardiff Bay early, parking up at the Havannah Street car park by 9am. I’ve only recently discovered this car park. It’s much better than “the other one” as it takes card and these days I rarely have change with me. From there we took a pleasant walk around the bay, enjoying the sunshine and stopping at Coffi. It was a rare opportunity for some Mummy and Daddy time as Small Boy was up by 5am and already enjoying a nap in the buggy. We hung out for an hour, sipping tea and eating cake, with an occasional sea breeze. There’s a lot of space for pushchairs and those with limited mobility, as well as fabulous views of the harbour.

There is so much to see around the Harbour. Torchwood fans can look at the memorial wall for Ianto Jones, who bravely sacrificed his life to save the children of earth. It’s such a shame that the Doctor Who Experience exhibition has closed as that was fantastic fun.
There’s also the Norweigan Church which is wonderful for tea and a bit of history, as well as various tours of the bay. You can also walk across the Barrage.

For the food lovers and those not restrained by kids menus, you don’t have to stop at Wetherspoons as we did. There’s Carluccios, Nandos, Wagamama and more in the Bay. It really is impressive. There’s plenty of choice for everyone. I have to say the Wetherspoons is great for family dining though and very reasonably priced. I love the fact they have an app so you can order and pay without going to the bar. This is a must for me as I don’t have enough hands to cope with Small Boy, a menu, my purse and drinks. I love the fact that the kids menu doesn’t come with dessert, but a piece of fruit.Why don’t more places do that? The portions are also appropriately sized.

If you want something a little more educational, you could pop into Techniquest too, the family focused science museum. There’s so much fun to be had there, even for toddlers. Small Boy loved learning about water, currents, volume and gravity.













It was also a day of reflection and chat for Hubs and I. As we walked we walked about out future plans. That include home life and things we want for the future and for our family. While we have no grands plan, Cardiff Bay was certainly pleasant enough for us to think…” if we did move, wouldn’t it be great to be closer?”


What local places are you enjoying in this good weather? Where will you be exploring this weekend.




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