A spellbinding cast for the supernatural Sophie Morgan series

I don’t know many authors who haven’t conjured up an image in their head of what their character looks like.  Even if the edges may be a bit fuzzy, you get a feel for their build, their hair, the way they move, and the way they talk. It’s all wrapped up in the arduous weeks and months that we spend crafting them and the years that we live alongside them. Nothing is truer for authors of series who can spend entire careers with their leading characters and locations.

I’m the creator of the Sophie Morgan urban fantasy series. The first book was published this summer and is available in paperback and eBooks – Relative Strangers: A Modern Vampire Story. The second book, Death in the Family, will be out early 2015 and the third, which I’m currently plotting (in all senses of the word), will be out at the end of 2015 if all goes to plan.

Unlike some writers I know, I never thought of particular actors or famous people when creating my characters. But I quickly started to visualise who I’d love to play them if I could wave a wand and have my work filmed. I’m not talking slick, big Hollywood movie here, no I’m talking about cult TV. The kind of TV show that runs for series upon series, with people tweeting furiously about what happens at every episode.

So here we go, if a major network would like to pick up my book, or if you are just interested in putting some “flesh on the bones” of my words, here’s my dream Relative Strangers cast:


Sophie Morgan

Protagonist, survivor and occasional vampire slayer

Played by Kimberly Nixon


Mickey Kelly

Travelling Irish barman and unlikely heartthrob

Played byAneurin Barnard

(who cares if he’s not irish!)


Charles Ferrers

More than 300 years old with a taste for blood and a penchant for good manners

 Played by Mark Gattis


Maggie O’Malley

 A landlady who knows how to deal with trouble

Played by Fionnula Flanagan



I’d love to give you the rest of the cast list, but that would give away some spoilers. But if you want to know more, or just want a good read, why not buy a copy of Relative Strangers. It’s available on Amazon, and the ebook version is FREE : http://bit.ly/Vu4Ve3




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