A successful meal out at Franky and Bennys

A successful meal out at Franky and Bennys

Finding a family friendly restaurant is important to us. Husband and I don’t do date night, or get to do anything really without Small Boy because of childcare (and his lack of sleeping), so eating out is one of the few things we can continue to enjoy.

Now we have a two year old we need to be slightly more discerning about our choices. Small Boy has big personality but doesn’t like too much noise so a relaxed atmosphere, space and decent baby changing are all important factors to us. We also need somewhere that serves lunch at a decent time as we’re all awake before dawn so by noon we are famished!

Imagine my disappointment when on Sunday we were told we’d have to wait past noon to even get a seat at major, family friendly restaurant chain. They were still serving breakfast and it would take a while to seat us. Needless to say I was not happy as I saw all the empty seats. The artificial Christmas tree in the bar area would only keep Small Boy entertained for so long.
“I’m not waiting” I declare to my husband, who was ready to gnaw off one of his own legs from hunger. “Let’s go somewhere else.”

Thankfully we were on a large retail park so had a few options, so we decided to try Franky and Benny’s. I could sense my husband’s reactions as we’d gone a few times and he hadn’t been impressed. I reminded him that a lot can change in ten years so we should give it a go. Besides, we were all really hungry and I couldn’t face driving another 20 minutes to find somewhere else, let alone battle another car park.

Well, what can I say? I was impressed

We were greeted by a very happy server who told us that they weren’t just serving breakfast, but also lunch and we could choose between both menus. It’s clearly set up for families in the morning and early lunch period as there were quite a few. Everyone seemed relaxed and happy. I was instantly put at ease as while we love eating out it can sometimes be a battleground with a toddler, as many parents know.

She chatted happily to Small Boy as we got set up in a corner booth and brought over a highchair, crayons and drawing/ puzzle book. Drinks came within a few minutes and food orders placed. Husband had the mac cheese burger, I had the lasagne and Small Boy had fish goujons, chips and peas. I was very impressed with the kids menu. There was plenty of choice and the ability to mix and match orders. Even better, you could have a small kids menu which is brilliant for younger toddlers.

We had to wait a little while for the food to come but no more than twenty minutes and when it did it was piping hot and absolutely delicious. It’s rare for me to finish a meal as Small Boy inevitably steals it, or it gets cold as I’m attending to him. For me to finish a meal says a lot! First of all it was drop dead tasty yummy and all good things. But where we were really impressed was Small Boy’s. I expected glorified fish fingers but these were epic. Chunky bits of code in a very light batter. Even for a small toddler the portion was large but he managed to finish the lot.
Franky and Benny’s definitely gets the thumbs up from me. We’ll be going back again.


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