Are you a working mum based in Wales?

Are you a working mum based in Wales?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I’m a working mum so childcare provision is a real hot topic for me.

I’ve been blogging about the new childcare offer in Wales a lot recently, but I’m aware that not all my readers are from Wales, and the ones that are need more detailed information that I can provide. For example, I’m being asked a lot via my Facebook page which nurseries will participate in the new free 30 hours scheme, and when certain areas are coming into the pilot programme.

I am no expert, but I will share what I know, and so will lots of other mums. I see this everywhere I go. Parents happy to say what nurseries they’ve found out are signing up and which aren’t, how the pilot schemes work in practice and more.

Of course childcare isn’t the only issue on working mums minds. I’ve posted a lot about flexible working too. This is a key issue for many parents, especially those returning to work from maternity.

So how can I better help you?

I’ve created a closed Facebook community for working mums across Wales. I don’t intend to be too heavy handed here, but if you have information on the childcare offer, know of a job vacancy that will consider home/flexible/part time working,  or are feeling a bit isolated now you’re back in work and would like to talk to other mums, then I hope you’ll join and share it. It’s early days so it might be a bit quiet first, but please participate and stay with it. The more people join, invite others and participate, the more helpful a resource it will be.

Working mums from across Wales are welcome, including those who are hoping to return to work soon and those who are self employed. This isn’t about being elitist or fractured, this is just about the unique challenges you face when you are working.

Join my Facebook community today.

And if you haven’t already, like my Facebook page and follow me there. All welcome!




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