BNF Healthy Eating Week: feeding your toddler

BNF Healthy Eating Week: feeding your toddler

Many parents worry if they are feeding their toddlers the right things and in the right volume. We are no different in this house, particularly with a two year old who will change his mind about what he likes and doesn’t like at the drop of a hat. Children of this age often don’t eat the same amount every day, and it can be a concern. Are they eating enough today? Are they eating the right things? I think I’m reasonably well informed when it comes to nutrition but even I worry.

The British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week runs from 11th – 15th June. Their website is packed full of information on diet and healthy living for the whole family.

That includes a whole bunch of information on toddler nutrition. BNF recommend following the 5532 rule.

Starchy foods x 5-a-day

Fruit & vegetables x 5-a-dayg

Dairy foods x 3-a-day

Protein foods x 2-a-day

This ensures that your toddler gets the right balance of food and in the right portion. Hydration is also important, with a recommendation that your preschooler has 608 drinks per day. Water and milk are great options. Small portions of sweet foods or salty snacks are fine occasionally but shouldn’t be part of a regular diet.

Click on the image to grab your PDF leaflet containing further information on portion size, healthy snacks and more.





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