Car servicing and care – 6 aspects everyone should know

Car servicing and care – 6 aspects everyone should know

Poorly serviced cars – or ones that are not serviced at all – are more likely to have problems on the road. This does not merely cause an inconvenience if you happen to break down, but it can lead to your car not being safe to drive. Why run the risk of putting yourself and your family in danger by not taking sufficient care of your vehicle. What are the car servicing and care basics that all motorists should know?

Since having a family, I’m more aware that I know nothing about my car or the most effective and efficient ways of keeping it running well and safely. In all honesty, aside from the annual MOT or service I don’t give it much thought.  But like most parents I rely on a car so I asked the lovely people at DAT tyres to give me some tips!

When your car’s wheels are out of alignment with one another, they will wear your tyres down unevenly. This means you can end up with a bald patch on the outer rim within a few thousand miles. Equally, the tracking of your car should be adjusted so that you can steer properly. Wheels that are unaligned will mean that you are able to swerve much less effectively. It could mean not being able to avoid a collision in some cases.

External lighting is an essential safety feature of your car. Don’t just check that the usual lights, such as headlamps and brake lights, are working properly. Confirm that the lesser used ones are, too. Your hazard warning lamps should be checked regularly as well as your reversing light. Don’t forget to turn on your fog light and make sure it is functioning once in a while, too.

Oil Top Up
Use your dipstick after your car has been at rest for a while to get a true indication of the level of oil your car has. Fill up will more motor oil, if required. Keeping your car lubricated helps it to run more efficiently and it makes it less likely to overheat in the summer, as well. Don’t rely on your car’s dashboard warning lamp alone as an indicator.

Tread Depth & Professional Car Servicing
Checking your tread depth with a gauge is the best way of knowing when your tyres need to be replaced. Of course, you can have a professional service centre do this for you, as well as many other checks. DAT Tyres is a good place to turn for new tyres, if you need them, as well as performing a range of car servicing functions, not just those that relate to tyres.

Screen wash Top Up
Being able to see clearly out of your windscreen is essential for safe motoring. Screenwash gets used up a lot in winter, but you can also need more of it if you park under a tree that is giving off pollen in the servicing regime.

Brake Pads
Most car owners can see how much wear there is on their brake pad by looking at them for wear. Jack your car up so that you can see underneath. Brake pads should not be allowed to become too thin or they will prevent you from stopping when you need to. For a full inspection, you’ll need to take the wheel off from its mounting. Don’t rely on the sound of your brakes alone.


So don’t delay, run some basic checks and make sure your car is in tip top shape!


*This post is sponsored by DAT Tyres*


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