Daydreaming of a family holiday to Jamaica:

Daydreaming of a family holiday to Jamaica:
This is a collaborative post.


That’s it, it looks like the British heatwave is probably over. While I’m sure the rest of August will be pleasant, I am someone who loves sun. We haven’t had a beach holiday for a few years and while we’ve enjoyed our city breaks and UK holidays, my thoughts sometimes turn to somewhere more exotic.


When it comes to thinking of beach holidays, I always think of that Beach Boys song – Kokomo. I love the idea of Jamaica. I’m a child of the eighties and I always think of Cocktail with Tom Cruise.


I admit I’m tempted to start saving.


No wait, we have a child. Surely that sort of holiday is out of the question now? Maybe not. Let’s be honest kids love sunshine and the sea, and well pretty much everything that goes along with a beach holiday.


So, with thanks to Luxury Retreats for some tips, this is what my fantasy family holiday to Jamaica might look like.


Fabulous Accommodation

Jamaica villa rentals with staff means a no hassle holiday.  I would LOVE to have to have dedicated staff to take care of us so we can properly switch off and focus on a holiday – what parent wouldn’t? I always prefer a villa or apartment over a hotel when it comes to travelling with kids as you can keep your own routine. A luxury resort with everything I need at the press of a button though would take that to a new level. Picture the scene – ocean views, concierge service, pampering.


Doctor’s Cave Beach

This is one of the most visited beaches in Montego Bay, with shallow waters for toddlers and trampolines for older kids. While I’m not a confident swimmer, my husband loves the sea. He also used to be gymnast when he was a teenager so he could be bouncing about on the trampolines, while I lay back reading a book and soaking in the sun. We could head off for a delicious meal at the restaurant on the beach, which I’m told is very family friendly, and reflect on the day. No pressure, no rush, just sun and fun.

Balmy evenings, clear blue seas, laid back music. My husband and I were brought together through a love of music and be both love reggae and ska. I can just imagine us drinking rum at a beach bar, listening to the rhythmic sounds.



Aquasol Theme Park

This is a huge beach park right on the sea near in Montego Bay where you can do all sorts of watersports and activities such as wave runners,banana boat rides, waterslides, a bouncy house, or even go-kart racing. Okay, this might be another one Dad does while I relax on the long stretch of white sand that is Montego Bay beach. You see the general thread here… ahem.


Dunn’s River Falls

This is the most visited and famous waterfalls in Jamaica. It flows across more than 600 feet and is one of the few rivers that flow directly into the coverage of the Caribbean Sea. I’m fascinated with waterfalls. They can be thrilling or serene depending on the size and location. My son thinks they are amazing and can’t figure out where the water is coming from. He would love this.


So, there you have it! Just a few awesome things you can do as a family in Jamaica. Mmmm, maybe I do need to start saving now.


What holiday location are you daydreaming about at the moment? Do you have any tips on exotic places to visit with young children?

Pop your answers in the comments and share some inspiration.



This is a collaborative post.

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