Eco Snack Wrap : an alternative to clingfilm and plastic

Eco Snack Wrap : an alternative to clingfilm and plastic

I’m always looking for ways to be plastic free at home, but food storage is still an area I struggle with. I love a zip lock bag as they make it so easy to store leftovers in the freezer and reduce foodwaste, and I like a good plastic container (not the disposable kind) for keeping salad leaves fresh and for wetter packed lunches like chilli that needs to be warmed up.

But what about sandwiches and snacks? Sadly, it’s easy to just go for individually wrapped items like cakes or wrap up a sandwich in clingfilm. It’s much better for the environment and your wallet to buy in bulk and split up items, storing them for future use, or to take your lunch packed without plastic!

I was looking for something to use when I found the range by Eco Snack Wrap, a small business based in Norwich that makes eco friendly cloth wraps for all sorts of food. They kindly sent me a sample of their large snack wrapsnack pocket and a food cover to try out and review for you lovely people.

I didn’t know what samples they’d send me so I was hoping for the sandwich wraps. Imagine my delight when they provided all three and I had a bit of a surprise. The food cover turned out to be the best and most practical wrap of all, especially in this heat…. read on!


I always take a packed lunch for work, and the sandwich wrap is perfect for that. You can easily fit a large sandwich in it, or a couple of bread rolls. Velcro helps the wrap to stay in place and the coating keeps it dry and fresh, but the added bonus is it folds out into a little table cloth for you. This is possibly intentional but it’s a perfect size if you are eating at your desk, or eating on the run with a child. Let’s face it, sometimes tables out are less than clean and you want something that you can put your lunch out on which isn’t covered in sticky stuff. We go swimming on a Monday and our leisure centre allows you to bring your own food to the cafe, so it was nice to unwrap our lunch and eat off a ready made plate!

The snack pocket is great too. It is a perfect size for a piece of fruit or two, or anything else you’ve decanted from a larger pack or jar. Great for nuts, carrot sticks, cakes, biscuits of more. I was surprised how much it could actually hold and much better than having everything rattling about in your handbag.


eco wrap sandwich wrap

But I did say that the food cover was an unexpected hit didn’t I? Here’s why…

I have a toddler and feeding him can sometimes take an age. Honestly, he loves his food stone cold. I can put food out and he’ll still be nibbling on it an hour later.  In this heat, with more bugs and flies than usual about, it was easy to pop the food cover over the dish or bowl and we could whip it off when he was ready for his next bite. Even my son could take the cover off! Even if you don’t have a slow eater like me, it’s a perfect way to keep your child’s food covered while you let it cool. Because of the fabric, some heat will escape while keeping  flies and fingers off it.

Now one downside is you can’t put these wraps in the washing machine, but as they are designed for dried goods, I found they were just dandy with a quick rinse in the sink with some warm water. They dried in no time at all on the line, but I’m sure would be fine on an airer.

So in short, I’m pretty impressed with these and they get the thumbs up from the toddler too! Eco Snack Wrap do a range of other food storage so I think I’ll probably check out the bread bags next.



Samples used in post were provided free for review purposes. This does not affect my views or experience.

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