Luxury notebooks by Executive Pens Direct

Luxury notebooks by Executive Pens Direct
The items featured in this post were gifted for review. This has not influenced my opinion and all views expressed are honest and my own.


I’m that person in work who refuses to go near the stationery cupboard, and buys her own notebooks and pens. I’m not alone. I love stationery, almost every woman I know does. We are busy and appreciate the value in a good notebook, whether it’s to keep a journal, organise our thoughts or tasks, or to take notes in work. In work, we notice when someone has bought a new one. They’re admired at meetings.


Personally, I can’t go into any meeting without a notebook and a pen, whether it’s the electronic type or good, old fashioned paper. I love the accessibility of a notebook. I can whip it out and jot down my ideas whether I’m in front of the TV, or at my desk – basically whenever inspiration strikes. As a working mum, I get a lot of ideas – from remembering something for my “to do list” in work, a gift idea for an upcoming birthday party, or a business idea. I have a lot of the latter…. a lot.


When Executive Pens Direct asked me to try out some of their products, I happily said yes. Who doesn’t need stationery. It’s easily the way to my heart. I’d much

rather someone give me a notebook or decent pen than a bunch of flowers which will be dead in a few days and stinking up my living room with dirty vase water.


They sent me three leather bound journals to try, each of which are beautiful.


I LOVE each of these notebooks. The quality really stands out. Each journal is made with quality, soft Italian leather and embossed with the initials of your choice.


I almost don’t want to write in them and spoil them. But write in them, I will.





Amalfi Small Raspberry Journal


The raspberry one is definitely my favourite of the three. It’s beautiful with it’s tie fastener and pretty colour. I shall be keeping this for my blog thoughts and all my ideas for posts and general musings.




Large World Map Journal


The world map one is for my bigger business plans, for jotting down all the ideas for a new online business venture I’m considering launching in 2019.  I’ve ideas for courses, books and more. It’s actually a little overwhelming so I need to get all these things down so I can approach them methodically. Having a notebook to capture your ideas is really important if you’re someone like me. I have so many ideas that it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed. Alternatively, what I have a tendency to do is rush in. This way, I can get the ideas out of my head and down on paper, coming back to them in a more sensible way.



Da Vinci Brown Journal

Then I have the third notebook, the one with the Petruvian man design. This is the smallest of the three. I might just give this one to my husband or squirrel this one away for a gift for someone. Honestly, I wish I’d opted to have my husbands initials on one of these as they would make a perfect gift for Christmas, a birthday or Father’s Day.



I’m looking forward to “spoiling” these.



Are you a fan of stationery? Are your shelves weighed down with pretty notebooks you don’t want to ruin with your scrawl. Get them down, write down your thoughts.  Need more, or looking for one as a gift?  Then check out these ones.

The items featured in this post were gifted for review. This has not influenced my opinion and all views expressed are honest and my own.

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