A review of the Fisher Price Custom Comfort Potty Chair

A review of the Fisher Price Custom Comfort Potty Chair

Part of potty training your toddler is getting the right potty. But which one should you choose? We’ve bought several as it’s useful when potty training to have a few dotted around the house. As we have three floors to our house we need one on every floor. That’s a lot of potties. So to supplement our regular potty style, I wanted to get one that was chair style. I decided to buy the Fisher Price Custom Comfort Potty Chair.


We bought ours from Amazon, where it’s currently retailing at £25.99, with next day delivery from Amazon Prime. It came out of the box in one piece which was a relief. You simply have to snap the back rest into place.

First of all I was impressed with the quality. It’s sturdy with non slip feet so it stays firmly on wooden flooring as well as carpet.

Unlike a regular potty, the Custom Comfort Potty can be set at two different heights to accommodate individual children. The arms on the side allow your child to steady themselves as well as encourage them to sit on it as it looks a bit like a chair As a result it might be bigger than some of the potties you’re used to, but that doesn’t bother me. I doesn’t look out of place in our living room or in the bathroom. So far, SB loves sitting on it and reading his book, which is sometimes as far as we get with the actual potty training bit.

Other key features are the back and the bowl. The back rest is big enough to give plenty of support and the seat is shaped so that you can get quite far back on it. No awkward perching with legs at funny angles! The bowl also means that you can empty the potty without having to carry the whole thing.

This particular version comes with a splash guard (for want of a better word) for boys to minimise any splashing. There is another version which is intended for girls, which comes in pink….(* note I’m  not commenting on that here *) . It’s a shame that there isn’t a greater choice of colours for different types of seat as the lime green is really funky and I’d have picked that if I had a girl too. Colour choices don’t really bother me.

So far, we’re delighted with the Custom Comfort Potty and it feels like it’s a good investment. No award backing over a potty or trying to get on it from behind. For that alone it gets a thumbs up from me!


To find out more watch my video review on You Tube:

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