Great gift ideas for two year olds : what to buy toddlers for Christmas

Great gift ideas for two year olds : what to buy toddlers for Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Christmas. I’ve already started saving for Christmas by doing my shopping through TopCashBack through the year. If I do most of my online shopping and utilities through it I usually have enough saved to get some decent presents – certainly enough for our toddler. This year, I’ve peeked too soon with my gift ideas as it was Small Boy’s second birthday the other month. All my best ideas for children’s presents went on that event, and in particular to relatives who were asking for ideas of things to get him. It wasn’t a bad haul – he got a balance bike and a picnic table for the summer and a bunch of puzzles. But it has left me scratching my head on what we can buy for Christmas.

If you’ve a two year old, you might be in a similar position. Were you a pretty confident and informed baby toy shopper but struggling now to find presents for your little one that will keep them entertained for longer? Are you like me and want well made, good value toys that will teach your little one something developmentally or just be plain old fun for more than a few weeks. A toy is for life, not just for Christmas – well perhaps a couple of years?

Thankfully, some other parent bloggers have come to the rescue with some great ideas for toys to buy two year olds:

Musical instruments. Two year olds love to make noise. My two year old loves them.Lynsey, Mummy That’s Me

My 2.5 year old is massively into role play at the moment, so we’re buying a toy kitchen as her main gift this year. Kim, Raising a Ragamuffin

Luisa is what I’d call a mischievous child so we’ve gone with toys to give her a challenge to figure out like Kid K’nex and a few Duplo sets. Hannah, Hi Baby Blog

Wooden toys were getting our son a wooden garage and chunky cars this year as he loves wheels he’s also asked for a Peppa Pig scooterHelen, Crazy Family Story

In the Night Garden soft toys always went down well with my kids at that age, especially if they play the song. Sometimes frustrating for us though!Pete. Household Money Saving

We are loving toy food and having tea parties I can’t wait to be able to get more and my 2 year old a toy kitchen this Christmas, Charlotte, Cup of Charlotte

The best toy we have that two year olds love is the Vtech Fridge Phonics! It’s honestly the best thing I ever bought and lasts for years.Star, Autism Kids on Tour

My son is 2.5 and I’ve bought him a ‘my first scooter’ with helmet as he’s always trying to ride his big sisters smile emoticon:)Victoria, Lylia Rose Blog

The only problem I have now is what to buy first!

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  1. Stretchy Mummy
    30th November 2017 / 2:05 pm

    Thanks, Helen! This is really great, I think I will need to link to it in my next post 🙂

  2. 29th November 2017 / 9:41 pm

    I have a soon to be two year old – thanks for the ideas! #bloggerpinparty

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