How to cook tender and succulent steak every time

How to cook tender and succulent steak every time

Want to know how to cook steak well and make a £4 rump taste like £8 fillet steak? Ever wonder how to get your steaks at home to taste as succulent and tender as the ones you get in a restaurant? I’m going to tell you how I achieve excellent results every time, without splurging on expensive cuts.

I like to use rump steak. It’s cheaper than fillet and very accessible. If you shop around you can get a decent sized portion for about £3-£4, which makes it an economical treat. My husband is a hug meat-lover so if he’s telling me it’s the best steak he’s had, then I’m going to take that as a complement. He almost choked when I told him how much I actually spent on the steak!

(These steaks cost less than £3.80 each in Aldi)

So what’s my secret?

It’s all in the preparation.

About four hours before you want to eat your steak, take it out of any plastic packaging or wrap so it can breathe and air dry a little. Leave it in your fridge on a plate – raw meat should always be kept on the bottom of the fridge for hygiene purposes.
After about two hours you can start to marinate it. You might want to use a dish or container for this bit…

My fool proof marinade

Season both sides of the steak with salt and pepper. Pour over a quarter of a cup of olive oil, the same of balsamic vinegar (cheap and cheerful fine here!) and add some ground garlic. Let this sit together in the fridge for another hour, and then for a further hour on the counter so the meat gets to room temperature. Turn regularly to ensure both sides are exposed to the delicious marinade.

Get that pan hot!

You only need to allow about 8-10 minutes to cook and rest your meat, so don’t start cooking too early. If you like your meat well done, then allow a few minutes longer.

I trim the fat and rind off the edge of my steak as you can’t possibly render properly in the time you have to cook a rare or medium steak. If you like the fat, chop it up and fry it in the pan next to your steak in chunks.

Heat a heavy frying pan till it’s VERY hot. Whack that burner on high. You won’t need to oil it as the steak has been marinated in oil. Fry for a few minutes each side. You should get a lovely crust on the outside but it will still be springy to touch. I like mine rare so leave it for as long as you like.


Rest on a board or plate for a few minutes before serving. I like to eat these with home-made sweet potato wedges and a salad.

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