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Most of us need to be mindful of budgets these days. We want the best deal. We want to ensure we have a little bit put away for emergencies and events like Christmas and birthdays. We are all having to think – do I really need that, is it value for money, could I get a better deal elsewhere. From utilities to groceries, from electrical goods to clothing, we are increasingly more comfortable with shopping around. We are also much more savvy about our consumer power and we want to get more for our proverbial buck!

For me, Topcashback is an essential money saving tool that everyone should be using. It helps me find the best deal out there and rewards me with a little extra money back in the form of cashback – sometimes I also get a little money off.

It is based on a very simple premise – shop online at your usual stores and get cashback. You shop exactly as you normally would, except rather than going to your favourite retailer’s website directly, you register on the Topcashback portal and click through to the website through there. To me it’s a no brainer!

All sorts of big names are on there, from major supermarkets to broadband providors. In the past few months, I’ve had almost £200 in cashback by simply purchasing new insurance when it was up for renewal, shopping from my supermarket and using an insurance comparison website. It’s so easy and it’s completely free (registration that it, not the shopping!)

To make things even better, you often get preferential deals too. Many utility and insurance providers are partners so you get a discounted rate on top of your cashbook. You can also search the site by type of product or retailer, and you can even just type in what you’re looking for and it will bring up a list of suitable retailers and websites to try.

I’ve been using Topcashback for years now. I tend to keep the cashback in my online account with them and cash it in when I really need it. You can opt to be paid by BACs, Paypal or in shopping vouchers and gift cards.  It’s paid for the past three Christmases and at this rate it will be paying for this one too!

*Spend £25 at ASDA and get £15 cashback with Topcashback

*contains affiliate links

New Members spending £25 or more at Asda Groceries get £15 cashback.
Expiry Date: 05/11/2017 23:59

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