About my books: meet the character – Sophie, from the Sophie Morgan Vampire Series

About my books: meet the character – Sophie, from the Sophie Morgan Vampire Series

Against the tradition of many good vampire slayers, Sophie Morgan is completely ordinary. Painfully so. She’s done everything that her family or the world  has asked of her – stayed away from boys, worked hard through school, gone to university and has got herself a job. Raised by her single teen mother and her grandparents, she’s practical, down to earth and has a work ethic which would make any employer proud. But then life takes a turn, one which we she won’t ever quite recover from..

Sophie has only dated one guy seriously and when he unceremoniously and rather surprisingly dumps her, she’s a little lost to how she is meant to pick herself up. Her friend and coworker suggests they have a holiday so the pair book a weekend away to Antwerp. While there, Sophie is attacked by a vampire, part of a gang who support their lifestyle through petty crime and fraud (even a vampire has to put fuel in the car, the moey has to come from somewhere!). With the aid of a barman she has befriended, Sophie survives the attack and the pair go into the night looking for answers. They get more than they bargained for……

Okay, so that’s the standard background bit you need to know without giving too many spoilers away. What else might you want to know?

Well Sophie is 23, petite and has never been very athletic. She’s a natural runner though which comes in handy, but that’s fuelled by fear than good technique!

In the series, vampires have mutated to develop fangs, and they certainly need blood to live, but they don’t have any magical powers per se. That means they can go out in daylight so, they could be anyone, they could be anywhere. Ever practical, Sophie decides that keeping a low profile while keeping in tip top physical shape is probably a good idea when she returns back to England.

But Sophie is a home-girl at heart. This is  why, following her traumatic experience,  she ultimately leaves her college hometown and moves back to her family home in the Welsh valleys. She is a creature of habit and needs stability – surely there can’t be vampires in sleepy old Bethel? Sigh, how wrong can a woman be.


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