My Weekly Wins #2

My Weekly Wins #2
It would be easy to miss the joy in this week. It had a bad start with me getting the norovirus ( or a variant off) and spending a lot of Monday vomiting. It got worse with an incident in nursery resulting in Small Boy coming home with two large bruises on his head. Five months ago, he began banging his head whenever he felt frustrated. It didn’t last more than a month or so at home, and never had more than a small mark, which was stressful enough, but it has continued in nursery. It’s not all the time but has escalated. There’s been a lot of tears and feeling emotional. It’s been quite the roller-coaster.
That said, there’s always joy to be had. Even in what’s been an emotional week there is cause to celebrate.


A friend pointed out to me that we’ve done some great parenting this week. Why? We’ve been clear about what we expect our nursery to do to help manage this issue. I’ve asked for a diary to log what happens immediately before an episode, who is with him and how they respond. I’ve also suggested some ways to help Small Boy feel more in control and adjust to change. We’re not talking about tantrums because someone has told him he can’t have a toy. Nor is he a naughty child. He’s two and finds some situations challenging. As parents its up to us to understand how we can help him manage them. Everything tells me he is an introvert presenting as an extrovert – like me. My friend pointing this out to me, made me feel like I was at least sane. To top if off I’ve now done two nursery pick ups to be told about all the great things he’s done that day and a poster sized collection of photos of him playing and having fun.

Star of the Session

We began taking Small Boy to a football for toddlers class a couple of weeks ago. Like with most group activities, he’s not very keen. Basically I spend £5 a week per class to run around in a church hall or leisure centre while he plays with toys that aren’t ours. He’s not into joining in or following instructions, just doing his own thing. He’s no different with Footy Fun. He likes running about and kicking the ball, and quite likes tidying up all the equipment, but not keen on sitting in a circle singing or playing with anyone other than me or Hubs. This Saturday he was made Star of the Session. Okay he didn’t sing about the sleeping rabbits or passing the ball, but he did some mean dribbling (the ball that is) and jumped on the trampoline like it was the best fun ever. I couldn’t have been prouder!

Love for my post on my special anchor friend

White Camellia’s blog featured my post on one of my best friends as her favourite on #StayClassyMama . I also got a favourite on from Surrey Mama and the #ThursdayTeam. It’s always flattering when a blogger you admire gives you a thumbs up so I so pleased. Even better, I got a lot of love and comments from readers. I am so pleased that my thoughts and feelings resonate with other mothers.


No excuse for single use

The lovely people at the e-Coffee Cup company sent me some lovely new cups. I’ve been a fan of their cups for ages. They’e so lightweight and easy to carry with you. I was delighted when these arrived last week. I’m endeavouring to use less plastic this year so I’ll ensure Hubs doesn’t leave home without one. 

TV Time

I should feel bad that Hubs came down with a cold and went to bed early, but it meant I got three hours of quality TV time on my own. I’m aware I should probably have used the time more productively on my blog, but sometimes you have to think about self care. It had been a long week and I deserved to watch McMafia and try to work out what is going on in peace. I can also indulge some guilty pleasures – like Riverdale on Netflix.
 Sometimes you have to find the joy!
What were the highlights of your week?

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  1. 2nd February 2018 / 7:32 pm

    Small Boy’s personality sounds a lot like my Coco’s. She really dislikes most group activities but loves to run around on the playground. We have some great sports programs for toddlers in my area. I think I’ll give one a try!

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