My Weekly Wins #7

My Weekly Wins #7

First off, let’s all celebrate that we survived the ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma. I’ll make that assumption if you’re reading this. I hope it didn’t inconvenience you too much.  We haven’t been up to much this week, in large part due to a bout of chicken pox. In last weeks wins I talked about the crazy busy few weeks I’d had and how I was looking forward to going back to work for a bit of routine. That was not to happen as Small Boy woke up on Monday morning covered in chicken pox.

Flexible Working

I couldn’t very well take any more time off from work after one week of leave and a previous week of short days to sort out family emergencies. Thankfully my employer embraces flexible working so I’ve been beavering away at home while Small Boy. I’ve managed to get all my essential tasks done, albeit at some very strange times of day. If you’re interested in applying for flexible working, I published some top tips this week on how to make your application successful.

Chicken Pox

I’ve never had chicken pox, but I’m told that it is better to have it when you’re younger. Small Boy is two and apart from two difficult nights when he was very itchy, he’s done very well with it. He was off his food for a few days, itchy and a bit snarky, but he’s two and to be expected. Much better to get it now than he’s older and there can be other side effects. So yey to getting the pox now.

The Right Trousers

I’ve written many times about my inability to find trousers that fit, and my love-hate relationship with fashion. This week I decided that I needed to invest in some new clothes for my day job.  We don’t have a dress code in work, and I am at the most comfortable in smart jeans and a shirt, but psychologically I think I need to put on a work uniform. By that I mean something that I specifically and only wear to the day job to help me separate that part of my life. This is essential as I often work from home and the line between my various roles – manager in my day job, parent, freelancer and blogger, writer – can often become blurred. Being 5’2 or thereabouts can make it very difficult though. I found some lovely black trousers though and a trouser suit which came from Next within 24 hours. I just need to get some tops now – again not easy as although short I’m long in the body and a bit chesty. That might be a project for this week!

What were your wins this week? Share them in the comments. They’re there somewhere!



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