My Weekly Wins #9

My Weekly Wins #9

It feels peculiar doing a list of wins for this week as it’s not been a good one as last Saturday night, someone very close to us passed away. This week hasn’t been one of wins. It’s been very sad.  But there are at least things I’m thankful for, and perhaps this is a good place as any to put my gratitude out into the universe.

My ability to spin plates

I was once described by a medical professional as being the equivalent of an endurance athlete when it comes to dealing with stress. She was right. Many counsellors over the years have said the same as occasionally – very occasionally – I reach a point where my stress jar is full and I need to talk things through with someone else. For me, it’s the norm. When you grow up in a home where there’s chronic illness or other issues, you quickly learn to cut through emotion, see what needs to be done, make decisions and just get on with things. You have to. If I didn’t have this ability – my superpower if you will – I’d be a hot mess right now.

Wonderful friends and family

Losing a loved one be it a close friend, partner or member of your family, or indeed any other loved one expectantly is always difficult. There’s the questions, surprise, emotional turmoil, the vaccumn left by them, the what-ifs you ask yourself and so much more. I have a few close friends, a small family and my in laws are dispersed, but all involved have come together and comforted each other. I’ve also had wonderful mummy friends who have stepped up and offered help and additional childcare in what has been a generally crazy week.


Here was a long wait for an ambulance and by then it was too late. I have a lot of anger about how the system is underfunded, understaffed and failing those who need it, but I can’t level any fault at those working tirelessly in the NHS to do the best in difficult circumstances.

Blog love

A lot of love for my post Caitlin Moran and why we still need feminism. It was featured in both #ABloggingGoodTime and #ThursdayTeam and received a lot of support from Twitter. It’s always hard when you write a deeply personal post to know how it will resonate so I’m delighted with this. With one thing and another I haven’t done any of my usual linkies or blog hooks up this week so it was good to see that even with my time offline people are thinking about my work. It is much appreciated.

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Last year I donated to Jack Monroe’s cookbook project – the follow up to A Girl Named Jack which has become possibly my favourite cookbook of all time. It’s great for those on a budget or with limited resources or skill but packed full of tasty recipes. My signed limited edition copy came through the door this week. I can’t wait to get started on trying some new things.


It might seem strange to start a swimming class amidst all the drama but I am determined Small Boy shouldn’t miss out. We were due to start a swimming class two weeks ago but chicken pox and snow put pay to that and we missed the first two classes. I was very nervous about going as I’m not a confident swimmer and when we’ve tried to take Small Boy swimming before he has had a meltdown. Aside from not liking sitting on the side, he loved it. I am so impressed with him. He even tried he shower by the pool and we’ve even had two at home now. Now that is a huge achievement as before this running water scared the crap out of him. It’s certainly going to make our holidays this year easier and more fun!

So that’s my week. As always, I’d love to know what your wins were this week or the things you feel thankful for right now.


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  1. liljemandbabye
    18th March 2018 / 10:03 am

    So sorry for your loss. My Mum works for the NHS and the stories she tells me make me angry at both the Government for underfunding and those people who use A&E for Anything and Everything

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