Now TV Bingeworthy Boxsets and a 14 day FREE trial

Now TV Bingeworthy Boxsets and a 14 day FREE trial
This post contains affiliate links and advertising. This means I may earn a small comission at no cost to you if you make a purchase or sign up to a trial.


As you know, I’ve learned the value of a good streaming service since becoming a mum. When you become a mum, your social life takes a nose dive and you can find yourself awake at odd hours with a child. Being able to watch some decent TV when you eventually get some down time is a must.

When my son was born, we cancelled out satellite TV subscription, and instead opted to move to NOW TV. This basically gives you some of the biggest and best SKY TV channels, along with movies, sport and box sets. You don’t get all of them, you buy passes for entertainment, sports or TV. It’s great for me as I get to still watch all my favourite shows and discover ones. As you know I love a boxset and that was one of the attractions for signing up to Amazon Prime, one of my other favourite streaming services.




There are simply not enough words to describe the awesomeness of this complex and well crafted drama, inspired by the 1973 film of the same name written and directed my Michael Crichton (yes, you guessed it, film geek here).  I love this so, so much, that when Season 2 finished I went straight back to watching Season 1. The premise is similar to the film, in as much as it centres around a theme park where tourists can immerse themselves in another word, with synthetic hosts playing characters in their stories.  It’s not always clear who are the robots and who are humans, and everything takes a dramatic turn when one of the hosts, Dolores, becomes conscious and recalls previous stories she has been involved in. It’s so wonderfully complex and layered it’s impossible to describe in one paragraph, but just watch it. Grab a trial and do it now as it will blow your mind.  As both seasons have finished, you have the advantage of watching them back to back without having to wait for another episode and with multiple timelines that will help. I should note that season one has now dropped off the included boxsets but you can rent or buy it from the Sky Store as that all is also loaded onto the NOW TV boxes and sticks.  It’s also available to buy on Amazon Prime so shop around if you want to. There’s a third season I believe which I’m already chomping at the bit to hear about.


The Affair


Now on it’s fourth season without any sign of running out of steam.  The Affair explores the effects of an extra marital affair between Noah, a teacher and novelist, and Alison a waitress he meets on a holiday in Long Island.  Noah appears to have a perfect life and family, but resents the influence and wealth of his wife Helen’s family. Alison is married to the lovely Joshua Jackson, but things haven’t been the same since the death of their child.  The story unfolds with each episode being told from one character’s perspective and then another, for example as Noah sees their initial meeting, and then Alison’s. It’s beautifully written and the chemistry between the actors is amazing. The story is well crafted with multiple layers, weaving in backstories about Noahs’ troubled childhood and relationship with his terminally ill mother, Alison’s mental health and despair at losing her son, post natal depression, and more.

Save Me

Can we all out our hands in the air for Lenny James please? Not only is he a fantastic actor which I’ve seen evidenced on The Walking Dead (you get this on NOW TV when it airs too), he wrote and directed this dark, seedy thriller based in London. Lennie’s character is a middle aged  n’er do well sofa surfacing at his girlfriends homes, who becomes the chief suspect in the disappearance of his estranged daughter. He hasn’t had any contact with her, discovering her existence a few years after birth and letting the partner of his ex, Suranne Jones, adopt her.  This is gritty stuff which raises issues that most parents fear – abduction, paedophilia, death. I can’t say too much as it would give it away, but this had both my husband and I gripped on the sofa, watching episodes back to back till the early hours. This says a lot when our son was going through a phase of waking up at 5am again.


Sharp Objects


This 8 part thriller has only just started and I am officially gripped. It’s rare for me to recommend something before a season has finished but this has had me on the edge my seat. It’s based on the book by Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl. I haven’t read it but it definitely has the feel of Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train. This is Amy Adam’s first TV outing, playing a troubled reported who returns to her home town to cover the disappearance and murder of two young girls.  There is some history here and although I’ve yet to get to the detail, there’s some connection to the death of her own sister at a young, even if it’s only prompting the return of some emotions which you suspect Amy’s character would sooner were forgotten. There’s a stellar cast with a strong female line of complex, flawed characters that you will have come to expect from Flynn. You’ll be able to catch up on the first few episodes if you sign up now.


Of course there’s also all the regular big ticket shows you’ll find on SKY which you get to watch as soon as they come on again.  I’m thinking of these…

Game of Thrones

The Walking Dead

Greys Anatomy

How to Get Away with Murder

… and so many more





The beauty of NOW TV is you get to watch live TV, catch up and box sets without a long term commitment. You buy a pass for a month and let it roll over, or just cancel it.  An entertainment pass costs £7.99 a month (the same as Amazon Prime), a movies pass costs £9.99 a month, and kids £3.99.

There’s also a range of sports  packages.

We tend to go for Entertainment, then get a movies on if there are a few things we want to see. We have a NOW TV box which basically just plugs in to the TV and also gives us all the regular catch  up apps like iPlayer, 4OD and ITV – perfect if you don’t have a SMART TV. They also have a smart stick which is small and fits in the back of your TV. Alternatively, you can use an app on your IOS or Android Device, on your SMART TV or on a ROKU stick. You can buy a box or




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This post contains affiliate links and advertising. This means I may earn a small comission at no cost to you if you make a purchase or sign up to a trial.

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