Privacy update: GDPR and how we handle your information

Privacy update: GDPR and how we handle your information
If you have an email address you’ve might have had some emails about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is a new piece of legislation which takes effect on 25 May. It helps residents in EU countries protect and manage the data they give to companies. It means organisations must make it clear what they use your information for. You need to provide your information knowingly. You can also ask to see the information they hold and ask them to delete it if appropriate. For example, no providing an email address for one thing and getting emails about another, or sharing your information without your consentI’ve quite enjoyed getting emails from companies asking me to opt in to receive. Sometimes I don’t even know how they got my email address in the first place.
I wanted to highlight to you exactly how I use your information. Most of this is back office web admin stuff but I’ll try and rattle through it. There’s a whole section of pages about privacy if you hit the menu button. 

Personal information

There are times on this site that you might provide me with your email address – a key bit of personal information. If you subscribe to my blog posts, then you will get an email with a link to a post each time one is published. When you sign up (to your right if you’re on a computer, further down the page if on your phone), you get an email to confirm. You click to confirm you want posts by email and you’ll start getting them to your inbox. You get the option to unsubscribe on each email.
You might also provide your email address to comment on a post or something else on this site. This is to ensure you are a real person and to send you replies if you opt in. This information isn’t published but it does help eliminate spam. We all want that, including me! Providing your name, email and website basically confirms you’re a person. If you want to a list of the information you’ve provided to Welsh Mum Writing while using the site, you can ask for one. You can then delete any comments if you wish to.

Other data

When you visit a website like a blog, there are things call “cookies” which recognises that it’s you on a return visit. They can tell you’ve visited that page on that device before. It means you have a better experience as the page can load faster. I don’t get to see the data, or anything personal that would identify you. This website uses cookies and I’ve got a whole page about it if you want to know more.
This page also uses something called Google Analytics. It uses similar type of data to tell me what pages are being visited and how many people are coming to the site. It doesn’t capture any personal information but it does help me manage this site. It helps me preempt any technical problems. I also get a feel for the types of content you like to read. For those who want more information, read my cookie policy.

Third parties

You might find you click through to a third party website from Welsh Mum Writing. This could be an advert or a link in one of my posts. These websites will have their own policies in place for privacy, but they must all follow the GDPR.
If you’ve any questions about how I handle your information, please contact me. Helen – your writer at Welsh Mum Writing, as well as Data Controller and Processor.

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