#RealMumsWorking : an interview with @MoneyforMummy

#RealMumsWorking : an interview with @MoneyforMummy

Welcome to #RealMumsWorking, a series dedicated to sharing the stories, experiences and advice of working mothers. Working mothers are a diverse breed with lots of challenges we can learn from.

Today, I’m joined by Eda from www.moneyformummy.co.uk . She tells all about working from home, side hustles to fill the income gap and hopes to work for herself full time.



Q. Tell us about your job and work pattern. What does it look like?


My ‘job’ is currently a work in progress! In November I’ll be returning to my existing employer on a part time basis. I wanted to do more hours, but I was unable to reach a flexible working arrangement that worked for both my employer and for my family. This meant I had to find other ways to fill the gap in my income. From when my daughter was 6 months old I started looking for other flexible work that I could do from home, working around her. I found lots of opportunities and I’m working my way through them to see what works. I started my blog, Money for Mummy, to write about my experiences, as I wanted to help other mums who are in a similar situation. Currently I’m working at all sorts of hours. Early morning, middle of the day and late at night – even the middle of the night sometimes! It depends when my daughter is napping or asleep, or when my husband can take over childcare.



Q: How did you feel about going back to work after children?


I expected my return to work to be much more straightforward than it turned out to be. I thought my employer would value my previous track record with them and allow me to work some hours from home. It didn’t happen, but I’m excited to be given the opportunity to have the freedom to be my own boss during the 2 days I’m not in the office. I’ll really value the extra time I’ll be able to spend with my daughter as a result. At the same time I’m excited for my daughter to go to nursery for the other 3 days. She loves other children and I think she’ll have such a great time. It helps that we really love the nursery we’ve chosen for her.



Q: What has been your biggest challenge as a working mum?


The biggest challenge has been balancing my working hours with spending time with my family. The different avenues of income I have explored have demanded a lot of my time to set them up. I’ve suffered a lot of mum guilt when I feel like I haven’t had enough quality time with my daughter and husband. They have been very patient and supportive. I try now to dedicate non working hours within my days and weeks, and give them as much importance as my work. I’m also trying to schedule in some time for me to relax as I don’t always appreciate that I need to make time to look after myself in order to function at my best.


Q. What’s your top piece of advice for working mums


Don’t be ashamed to take shortcuts on the days that you need to, like giving your baby pouches for meals or putting the telly on to entertain them for half an hour. Also, you are in no way failing as a mum if you need to ask friends or family to take over childcare sometimes. This can give you the break you need to finish off some work or to allow you to have some time off.



Q: If you could change one thing about your current work situation what would it be?


I’m not great at prioritising and often take on too much work at once. I’d love to be a bit further down the line of my work experimentations to know where I should be focusing my time and effort. If I already had all the answers though I wouldn’t have started my blog, and that’s something I really enjoy.



Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


My dream would be to be running my own successful business. I’m not sure what it will be yet, but I’m excited to find out!


This was so relatable. For me, blogging and juggling employment and family is almost impossible. You have to put in a lot of work, but you have to take help too. We don’t have much in the way of childcare help other than nursery, so I embrace the shortcut. Sometimes, good enough is just that. Things don’t have to be perfect. Sometimes getting the basics done, and is enough.

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