#RealMumsWorking : an interview with That British Betty

#RealMumsWorking : an interview with That British Betty

Welcome to #RealMumsWorking, a series dedicated to sharing the stories, experiences and advice of working mothers. Working mothers are a diverse breed with lots of challenges we can learn from.


Today I’m joined by Lisa from That British Betty  Lisa works full time in public relations as well being a parent and running her blog.


How did you feel about going back to work after children?

Honestly? Resentful. I missed out on a lot of ‘firsts’, school assemblies, sports days, summer holiday and much more but our financial circumstances meant I didn’t really have an option but to go back to work when my eldest was five months old (she’s now 18).


What has been your biggest challenge as a working mum?

Balance and guilt. Trying to balance parenting and full-time employment has been a (seemingly) everlasting battle. Making sure that the house is ticking over, kids are fed and have clean clothes whilst juggle work commitments is something I’m yet to fully master almost 18 years on!


What’s your top piece of advice for working mums?

Meal plan. I know it sounds laborious but creating a weekly menu and doing the food shopping online during my dinner break has saved a lot of hassle and time.


If you could change one thing about your current work situation what would it be?

Flexibility. I worked in a fast-paced PR agency full-time and am often balancing lots of jobs/client accounts at once. I do like the challenge but it also means that just one unexpected day off work can cause havoc! I hate the guilt when my youngest is poorly – my current choices are either having to leave her home with a relative and feeling like a crap mum or alternatively, taking a day off work to care for her and feeling like a crap employee/having to frantically catch up when I get back in the office. Flexi-time or having the option to work from home would make these kinds of situations a bit easier and mean I don’t have to take an unnecessary ‘sick’ day.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ideally, in the same industry but in a more senior role. My youngest will be 18 by then so I’m hoping to have more time to dedicate to and grow my career.


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