Our Review of the Chicco Snack Booster Seat

Our Review of the Chicco Snack Booster Seat

Are you looking for an alternative to a high chair, perhaps because your toddler is ready to sit at the table or you want something you can take out to restaurants or family?

I decided to stash the big high chair and get  Chicco Snack Booster Seat  – a space saving alternative that you strap to your dining chair. We already have a Polar Gear travel booster, which has a foam seat, which we love, but with everyday use it was beginning to get a bit squishy.

The Chicco Snack Booster promises a lot and has rave reviews on numerous sites. But what did I think?

First of all, it’s well packaged without being swamped in cardboard or wrapping. Everything was clean and in order. The pack includes the booster itself and a detachable tray.

On first sight, it LOOKED like it was reasonably easy to assemble, but the instructions are awful. I googled for some videos on You Tube and there is a bunch so follow those and you’ll have no issues. In short, take off the tray, pull back the back of the seat and you’re done.

There are three heights for the chair – one is with the legs flat, and the others are higher, as I’ve shown below.  In my view, this needs a bit of work and some more options would be better. The highest one would work well for younger ones with the tray attached, as I don’t think there would be many tables high enough to accommodate it. The second option isn’t much lower and left no room for our little one’s legs to go under the table. The lowest one is too low by about an inch.  We got around this by using a seat pad beneath it.

The seat attaches to your chair with two straps, one underneath the chair and one around the back.


  • Well made and solid
  • Once strapped in, seems stable
  • Straps are long and can be clipped together to create a carry handle
  • Comes in a variety of bright colours
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Detachable tray which can go in the dishwasher
  • Reasonably light
  • Different heights make it useful to take out and about


  • Awful instructions
  • Limited height options – Tricky with tables without a “ledge” – not much leg room. You might need to fudge a solution with a seat pad.

Overall, I’m happy with this and Small Boy is happy. It definitely looks and feels like a quality item and doesn’t have that horrible bar between the legs which many have to stop little one sliding about. The three point harness is robust and the straps don’t dig in.The seat is sturdy, even on the seat bad and he loves the arms on the side. He walks over to it when it’s meal time and asks to be lifted up so that’s a good sign. I still would like the height to be sorted out though. The middle setting is very close to the highest. It would be better if it were truly half way between the highest and lowest. That said, it still works with the seat pad and when my son is an inch taller he won’t need it all. It gets his thumbs up and I suppose that’s the main thing.

I bought this from Mothercare for £30 but they’ve just been reduced in Uber Kids and Amazon and prices are currently between £19 – £25 depending on colour.

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