Self care products I love – February 2018

Self care products I love – February 2018

So while I don’t do new year resolutions, I am trying to take better care of myself this year. Of course, like most parents I really don’t have the time to invest too much in it, or a disposition which particularly enjoy lots of glittery girly fuss. My aim is mostly to not feel like a bag of crap and look reasonably presentable.

There’s a few things I’ve been using over the past two months which are quickly becoming staples and definitely get a thumbs up from this busy Mum:

Mother’s Select Probiotics

These were gifted to me Mothers Select and they couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve taken probiotic supplements in the past, usually combined with a multi vitamin. These take it to another level with a stand alone product designed for mums and mums to be. After a few weeks I’ve already noticed a difference with less bloating and discomfort – something I always suffer with if I eat a little too much junk, sugar or dairy (with life as manic as it has been the last few weeks my healthy eating has gone out of the window). You take one tablet a day and there’s sixty in each bottle. They’re coated and easy to swallow, and don’t taste of anything. The company is from the US but has international fulfilment centres – mine arrived from Amazon within a few days.

Regis Designline Ultimate Radiance Conditioner

Who the hell has time for standing in the shower and conditioning? Not me, especially as I have to wash my hair every day – the burden of having fine hair! Designline Ultimate Radiance is amazing though. Pump the spray a few times into wet hair, comb through and dry. It’s incredibly light and smells gorgeous – a little like coconut and mangoes! The scent reminds me of beach holidays which is helpful considering I’m unlikely to have one anytime soon. The nozzle never clogs and it’s easy to decant into a travel spray bottle if needed. It also lasts ages as you need very little.

L’Oréal Laser Renew Eye Cream

This anti aging eye cream is amazeballs! I can usually manage a moisturiser but have never really ventured into anything more, but this eye cream really does deliver in my opinion. Now I’m in my forties the skin around my eyes is definitely thinner and quick to dehydrate. Throw in a child who has begun waking up at 4am and I can look haggard and tired pretty easily. I have to give some praise to my husband here who I asked to pick me up “some eye cream that promises the world” after a particularly bad night on the sleep front. Within a week I had noticed a difference. My eyes definitely feel fresher and the skin feels soft and doesn’t itch. It’s now part of my twice daily routine of teeth brushing and moisturising. Even I can manage this!

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