My Weekly Wins #3

My Weekly Wins #3

It’s been a weird week as Hubs and I both came down with this nasty cold that is doing the rounds. Second week of illness – yuk! Still, as always I’m committed to looking on the bright side and there’s certainly been a few wins for me this week.

1. I was named as a featured blogger in the #ablogginggoodtime weekly, for my post on looking after yourself after having a caesarean. I am so amazed at the support I had for this.

2. Another feature blogger status for my caesarean post. This time it was in  the #ThursdayTeam linky. That’s two weeks in a row for me so I am incredibly flattered.  I am in love with blog linkys at the moment –  basically where one or several bloggers get together and provide an opportunity for others to share links to their own content. It’s a great way to discover new blogs.

3. I’m priorisiting self care more this year as like most mums there’s a long list of other things or people that need my attention first. I’m starting to feel the effects now and need to sort it out this year. Rather than drag myself into the office, I took two days off from the day jobs and dosed myself up with cold cure remedies, hot lemon and honey and my asthma meds. I was feeling well enough yesterday to make my hair appointment yesterday and I feel pretty good after a bit of a trim. I’m booking my hair appointments in advance, when I’m there at the last one. I think it’s the only way I won’t get caught in the situation I have been for the past two years where I’ve left it until it looks like a small mammal has died on my head and then can’t get an appointment.  I’ve also pitched to a spas and plan to review some over the next few months.
4. I’ve made some lovely new blogger friends, including one from where I I’ve. Okay, we haven’t met in person but we’re all parents so let’s face it the odds of that happening anytime soon are pretty slim! I think we should probably meet up and have a tailgate coffee or BBQ, letting the kids nap in the car as apparently that’s where all kids sleep these days.
5. I don’t experimented with a new slow cooker recipe for chilli which turned out to be delicious and Small Boy loved it. I’m always a little concerned that meat won’t brown in the snow cooker, so was wary of using minced beef, but I shouldn’t have worried. The recipe will go up here soon.
6. The biggest highlight of my week was taking Small Boy to the park on Monday, before I came down with the cold. He’s been very anti-Wellington-boot but I’ve managed to find a pair that he likes. We went out with a ball and jumped in muddy puddles. It was so much fun. When he fell over and got a soggy bottom, he didn’t even cry. He had a massive splash about in a warm bath and lots of cuddles afterwards. It was great. We are so lucky to have a country park on our doorstep.
There’s actually been a few other bits about blogging and mastering a few things but I won’t bore you with those.
What have been your wins this week? Post them in the comments so we can all celebrate and help to see our own little wins we might have overlooked.

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  1. 4th February 2018 / 4:25 pm

    I also have to book my hair appointment in advance or it just won’t happen. Once I turned 40 my hair sprouted grays all over😕 my big win this week was writing 3 blog posts and setting them to publish over the week.

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