My Weekly Wins #4

My Weekly Wins #4

I have had an amazing week, although it’s been quite busy. As always, here’s my round up of cool things (my “weekly wins”)  that happened along the way.

Small Boy is Happy

We had a great meeting with Small Boy’s key workers at nursery and think we’ve identified a few triggers to his anxiety and frustration. Like all two year olds he is going to have a wobble, we just need to support him to express that suitably. Hey he’s two and basically driven my emotions, we need to be the adults and give him some help. He is handling things a lot better now and on Thursday we didn’t have any tears but lots of amazing play. A full day in nursery without any upset is a big thing. I suspect it might be for an awful lot of kids, especially if they are spirited like our little thing. As you can see, he definitely knows his own mind.

In Love with Soft Play

These are words I never thought I’d write, but I am finally a convert to soft play. It’s only taken me two years. The turning point was discovering one of the largest soft play facilities in our home town opens at 9.30am on a Sunday. If you go then there’s hardly anyone there. So much more civilised! A friend also suggested a toddler focussed stay and play centre, with lots and lots of toddler toys and a smaller soft play section. It was so chilled and a great venue to sit and drink tea while the little ones play safely. It was great as they didn’t get lost among a bunch of big kids. Lots of imaginative play stations which is brilliant. I encourage you to have a look at smaller venues or get to soft play early and you might enjoy it too. I’m not going during school holidays though – I’m not a crazy person. (Follow me on Facebook for details on local places)

Love for my Blog

My post on coping with a baby that doesn’t sleep was featured on the SharingtheBlogLove Showcase by Hot Pink Wellingtons and on the ThursdayTeam linky by Laura at Surrey Mama. To get some love from popular, established bloggers is wonder. Cheers ladies ! You put a massive smile on my face.

A Good Day at the Office

If you’ve read any of my posts on flexible working, you’ll know I’ve had some weird and wonderful work patterns since I returned from maternity. I recently dropped my hours to 30 a week over three days. I work two hours at home and eight in the office. It really worked in my favour this week with quite a lot of intense work that needed my concentration. Working the long day was a breeze and when I left work on Thursday on a high it was great. To get an email from my manager to say he sincerely valued all the work I do…well, it was great.  Working part time can bring challenges, one of them being feeling you have to make up for working fewer hours, even when you are paid for the hours you work. It’s not like you’re getting off lightly. I probably achieved about five days work in three this week. I think that deserves an “atta-girl”.

So how was your week? Have I convinced you to try soft play on a Sunday?


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