My Weekly Wins #5

My Weekly Wins #5

Blog Love

Laura at Dear Bear and Beany featured me on her weekly #SharingtheBlogLove Showcase for my post about the benefits of being an older mum. This meant a lot to me. I wasn’t sure how that post would land. I’m not advocating having children later, but there are distinct challenges to having children later and it’s good to have a reminder that it’s not all bad. It would be easy for me to feel sad that I probably won’t be alive when my son is my age or that I might never see grandchildren or be fit enough to help care for them. He will never have a granddad figure as they’ve already passed away. In fact there are some upsides. I’m certainly more together and self-aware than my twenty something self for a start, even if I do ache a bit when I wake up in the morning.


Nursing Homes

Woo hoo! We finally have a nursing home place for my Nan. My grandmother is in her eighties and has a few issues, but developed Alzheimer’s last year on top of her existing dementia. It’s taken a lot of persuading, planning and searching, but we’ve found a lovely care home and she went in this week. It was all very short notice but definitely a win. She’ll have wonderful care and lots of company. Much better than living on her own.


Fab Friends

I have fabulous friends. I’ve said it before but my mummy friends really are rock stars.  Several of them put their hand up to sit with Small Boy or help in other ways to support me this week. These are all busy mums and the fact that they wanted to help me out.


What your weekly wins? Post in the comments and let me know. Let’s take some time to celebrate the small things.




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